Visit the Xenia Capital website and sign up on the site free. As soon as you are signed up, you have become a member of the Xenia Capital invest platform. Click in the Dashboard tab and fill in your details on the User profile section.
Click on Invest Now on your Dashboard to open the Featured project. Click on the project of your choice and choose how much you want to invest. Choose the payment method and click on invest Now.
A contract is the minimum amount ($150 or R2000) you can invest in a project and it is only allowed in increment of the same amount per contract. Example 1 contract = $150 or R2000, 2 Contracts = $300 or R4000 etc.
We use an alternative build technology. With this our developments are achieved at 70% speed faster than traditional developments and up to 40% cheaper, this in turn enables us to sell our properties faster and below market price with a decent ROI to pay out to our investors.
Every investment involves risk taking. In order to reduce risk with Xenia Capital investment, we use our proprietary token, Xenia Coin, to back your investments. These will greatly mitigate unforeseen losses; the loaned money is also secured against the land and legal charge. As much as we endeavour to give our investors a first-class investment environment, your capital is at risk in a scenario were the developer had some challenges or the property is not sold at the forecast price.
Yes. The xenia coin given to investors serves as a form of security. At the end of the contract, the investor returns the exact amount of xenia coin given to get back his investment capital.
No. you do not have to return xenia coin to get profits.
Yes. It is possible to buy our properties for rental purpose. Please contact our team on: admin@xeniacapitalinvest.com for further details on this.
There are different methods of payment that can be used, either in fiat or cryptocurrencies. Payments of both investment capital and Investment profits will be done by the investor’s choice of payment.
Every referral for the Property purchase is being recorded by Xenia capital team. Any member with the highest referral wins the first position. There are also a second position, which goes to the person with the second highest referral and so is the third position. Look up the section for the referral contest to view the prices for each position.
The referral contest runs for a period of 4 to 9 months depending on the traction, after which the winner is announced.
You need a xenia wallet to enable us to credit you xeniacoin to the tune of your investment.
No, you can only link your existing xenia web wallet address to your profile or create a new xenia wallet address by filling out the ‘’ Create your new XENIA wallet’’ form.
Yes, as long as its up to the increment amount required for a contract.