Welcome to the Xenia capital Platform. If you are here, then it means that you are someone who wants to succeed and, my passion is to see people like you achieve the success you truly desire.

In my 21 years (and counting) of active participation in various successful business endeavors, I have learnt several things and achieved some feats and this with its struggles and challenges. However, if anything, my most precious lesson is understanding that “regrets only come when we refuse to take risks”. I am not just talking about any risk but “Calculated ones”.

Understanding the complexity and inherent frustrations that may accompany investing, especially for small pocket earners it was imperative for me to create a viable platform to give a fair playing field to the ordinary guy and to anyone who wishes to see a change in their financial life. One of the most beautiful thing about the time and age we are in is the ability to leverage what we do with technology and I am excited and very optimistic about Blockchain technology in particular and cryptocurrencies as a whole and what this platform provides is a mix of tangible assets and digital assets giving you the ability to access what is commonly available to far more sophisticated investors.

It will amaze you that millions of South Africans and most in other African countries still live outside of the formal housing sector and with the mix of our investment tools and your support we will be able to provide access to this group of people by developing dignity shades and Eco housing, we will be able to connect small producers and manufacturers who have the inventory but struggle to scale to the next level.

Xenia Capital Invest platform was created for you and I trust that you will take advantage of the opportunity while we together build a better world.

Thank you and see you on the inside.