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About Xenia Capital

We provide a diverse global business platform that deliver solutions, unlock value and propel growth within the African region. we partner with manufacturers, producers and real estate developers opening viable investment opportunities to small pocket investors through a crowdfunded model enabling them to grow their limited capital with predictable return on their investment and further optimizing these gains by tokenizing every investment with our cryptocurrency xeniacoin.


Idara Mcsamuel

Venture Capital Strategist

He is a serial entrepreneur, Global emerging market expert and a Venture Capital Strategist, his expertise spans through commodity trade across Africa, the middle East and Europe. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a blockchain fanatic he foresees the innovation as the bedrock to advance our African leadership protocol and even circumvent the archaic bureaucratic tendency of our African leadership. He has a Back ground in Physics and mechanical Engineering. Ongoing BTH University of South Africa. His success is hinged on “integrity’. An icon that will do anything within his capacity to ensure his words are kept to the letter. He has conceived Xenia Capital amongst his other initiatives to craft an assured and legitimate path to success and financial liberation.

Brijesh Varshney

Lead Developer & Software Strategist

He is an experienced full Stack Software Developer and skilled in various programming languages, his expertise spans through various areas of tech and he is highly skilled in solving problems in ROR, Relational database.
 Domains: E-commerce, Agile, Server architecture and Blockchain related services. He holds a Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science Engineering, from the Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun(INDIA)



She is an Analytical Chemist With over 10 years of experience in Quality control. Currently a supervisor with a renowned fast-moving consumer goods industry. She is experienced in quality management systems and applies the ISO standards in all her work. Enjoys working with procedure and pays keen attention to details and as an avid enthusiast of our blockchain ecosystem she is able to bring her experience in QMS to the team to prepare xenia Capital and six38ppn to work towards compliance with ISO standards.

Our Team

Ankur Kumar
Lead UI Developer
Legal Strategist
Phumzile A P Mthethwa
Associate Lead Marketing Strategist
Advisory Team on Real Estate Development
Advisory Team on Real Estate Development

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If you think you have what it takes to work with a dynamic company, feel free to drop us an email . You have to clearly state what value you can bring to the table.

We will be considering the underlisted positions.

Social media Ads Manager ( Proficient in FB business manager, Linkedin and YouTube ads development)

  • Business Development Manager
  • Channel moderato ( Meduim, Slack, BitcoinTalk, Steamit, Stumble, telegram)
  • Admin Assistant

    Telegram : @Xeniateller_Xen or @vcsxen

    WhatsApp : http://bit.ly/XCPadmin